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Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An Expat husband kidnaps himself to get SR 1 million ransom from his Saudi Wife

In Saudi Arabia, a 39-year-old Lebanese husband planned an assault drama on himself to forcefully get an amount of SR one million from his 34-year-old wife. The husband and partners were arrested by police after receiving emergency call from the wife. The companion was a Pakistani, who worked in a company, possessed by the Lebanese wife’s father. A Palestinian joined his attack plan as well. This was reported on Wednesday by Saudi news. Almost three weeks ago, the husband had a meeting with a Pakistani partner and designed a fake attack with him to scare his wife to force her to make the payment. He guaranteed his partner that he would pay him the attractive amount for the success of the drama.

The Pakistani man said to the Lebanese husband that he wants a helper who could help him in making this drama successful. He then met a Palestinian who decided to help him in the planned drama. Pakistani and Palestinian both started preparing them for the attack. They arranged a gun, knives and a license plate explosive belt which would help in creating more drama and frighten his wife and force her to give them the payment. According to the plan, on the day of the attack, the two partners were supposed to enter the house, which they pre-planned with the husband. As per the plan, in front of his wife, they arrested the husband and told her to give them SR 1 million otherwise they will kill him. The husband played his role by begging to his wife to go ahead and give them the money to secure his life.

The wife told the criminals that she wanted to make a call to protect the cash they requested, as said by the source. Fortunately, she called the 911 emergency numbers and stated the crime without raising any voice. In the Red Sea city of Jeddah, police force arrived at the address from where they received the call. The officers arrested the criminals who tried to fight and escape.

After arresting the criminals, the investigation department started inquiry which exposed the role of the husband in the drama which he acted in front of his wife. The police took the husband into custody as well.  One of the representatives from for the police department confirmed that the dramatic attack was planned by the husband and his partners.  He also disclosed the details of the drama that the police united operation department received a call from a Saudi lady who stated that two men holding gun and knives have entered her house.

She also said that they were demanding SR 1 million from her and if she did not agree to pay them the demanded money they would kill her husband and explode the explosive belt which they were carrying with them. Investigations department discovered that the husband and his partners; Pakistani and Palestinian had planned the drama beforehand to create the situation to extract cash of amount one million SR from the wife. All of them were captured and will be referred to the public trial.

Source: Gulf News

Security Conditions in Saudi Arabia
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Monday, April 24, 2017

6 Steps Guide for Successful Canadian Immigration

Canada is located in the northern half of North America. It has ten provinces which cover 9.98 million square kilometers which make it the world’s second-largest country by total area and the fourth biggest country in terms of land area. It is extremely developed with 82 percent out of the 35.15 million people inhabitant in large and medium-sized cities close to the southern border. One-third of the people live in the three main cities: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and other main city areas include Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg, and Hamilton.

If someone wants to shift to Canada for whatever reason, there are some guidance steps to help you in selecting the city or area where you can settle down easily.  The Government of Canada is also offering different schemes through which one can go there. These programs include family sponsored, business startup or investor, refugee, caregiver, express entry and more.  We are discussing here the express entry system which is the most chosen system amongst the Gulf countries and has little waiting time. Express Entry System is a migration program for Canada in which the candidate applies for lifetime residency. This scheme is, especially for skilled migrants. In this, the candidates are chosen on the basis of their skill to settle in Canada and their contribution to the economy. The data of the candidates needs to be loaded on the website from where employers of immigration department can view the application and can approach the deserving candidate. 

Step 1: Eligibility for application: In this step, few questions will be asked from the applicants to answer and it will take only 15 minutes. The results will show the eligibility for this program. A reference number will be provided for later use while creating your profile. Following is the link where you can check your eligibility:
Step 2: Create online profile: Creation of an account on the government website is necessary. Then you will have to give complete information on the same website to create a profile. Following is the link where you have to create an account.

Step 3: Recording with the ESDC Job Bank: This is the link where you can create an account. Delay in registration will expire your account and profile if you do not record within 30 days. Registry with the bank will help connect applicants with possible employers in Canada.
Step 4: Rank of the applicants: A request to apply will be issued to high scorer. Out of 1200, the scores are marked.

Step 5: 90 days to take action against an invitation: The online website is given where you can respond to an invitation.
Step 6: Wait : After applying, you just have to show patience because results of the applications take about 6 months.  In the case of application failure, you can re-apply after a period of 12 months by providing your data and creating an account and profile.

Travelling from KSA to Canada
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

87-Year-old Father chained and locked up in a room by his son for years in Jeddah

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) on Wednesday announced a draft law which is basically for the protection of rights of the senior citizens. After two days of the draft law released, an incident is reported of an old man who was locked up in a homemade jail. The old man was chained by his own son. The homemade jail was organized in an apartment which is in Al-Waziriyah district of Jeddah. The person who was locked by his own son was an 87-year-old. Khaled -Abalkhail, the spokesman of MLSD, said that the concerned person was found in a very terrible and poor condition. The Makkah police rescued the old man and arrested his 37-year-old son. After taking his son into detention; he was further referred to the concerned authorities.

The police basically reacted after the video that went viral on social media in which the 87-year-old man was chained brutally. Mansour -Al-Nahari who is a resident of Al-Waziriyah district, said that about four months ago, someone rented an apartment in this area and he saw a car arriving in front of the building. Three people just got out from the car and these three were supporting a man who was pretty much older in age and was unable to move.  Another resident, Saud Ibrahim, also quoted that one day, the door of the apartment was open and he was surprised to see the view. He entered the apartment and found the old man locked inside. He requested him to give food and water. Since that day, people living in that area took turns to provide the old man with food and water. He also once saw people putting chains on the door handle of the apartment. However, one day, the police raided the apartment and took the old man to King Abdulaziz Hospital by the help of paramedics.

Member of the National Society for Human Rights, Matuq -Al-Sharif, stated that the society should consider the case of an old man and investigation must be carried out as to why he was in such panic detention by his own son. An Arabic daily newspaper found that the old man is Yemeni. Spokesperson of the Makkah police, Col. Ati Al-Qurashi, reported that his son stated that his father was suffering from a serious mental illness and this was the main reason he chained him in the apartment.

With the help of social site Twitter, the ministry called those people who had certain experience and interest in social affairs and wanted to share their feedback on the draft. If the concerned person could not be independent, the law permits an elderly person to choose the concerned party to take care of them.

Otherwise, it is difficult to deal with them until and unless the order is released by the court. Besides this, the law also provides them full right and freedom of their decisions. The ministry also added that priority should be given to the concerned family for care-taking.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

SR 300/Day compensation if affected by natural disaster (Flood) in Saudi Arabia

A report is published regarding the recent amendments made in the Immediate Rescue Draft in a famous Daily Saudi newspaper. The changes made into the Immediate Rescue Draft were approved by the crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Naif. Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif holds the position of first deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is also working as the chairman of the new Council for Political and Security Affairs in the Kingdom. The Immediate Rescue Draft is a draft which is designed and formulated for the affected families who suffer from some sort of natural disaster or any other similar crises. Immediate Rescue Draft states that those families who faced some crises and catastrophe should be entitled to the compensatory amount granted by the Saudi government.

It is also for families who had to evacuate their homes due to natural calamity or some other adversity. Natural disasters or crises include demolition work, floods, storms, earthquakes, sudden fire attacks or short circuit. Affected families who had experienced such tragic misfortunate are entitled to getting a compensation amount of about SR300 per day. The modifications made in the Immediate Rescue Draft are positive and a healthy step for the rehabilitation of such affected families. Families which constitute more than two members will get a compensatory amount of about SR 50 per person which is actually extra amount for five days. Compensation may be financially or physically. Compensation includes relocation to any furnished apartment or temporary and permanent housing centers which might be a hotel, lounge, school or field court. For a longer time period, a family who has less than ten members will be granted with a compensation amount of about SR 60,000 per year.

However, if a family is relatively bigger and consists of more than ten members, the family will get compensation amount of about SR 70,000 annually. Though, all the payments will be made in two installments. Families will also be able to avail food baskets which would contain ten basic food items. Items include flour, sugar, beans, dates, rice, vegetable oil, tea, salt, dry milk, and water. Families who have five members or less will receive one basket and families of more than five members will receive more than one basket. Therefore, a number of food baskets would be distributed by considering the family size. Families will also get three times cooked meals per day.

The Ministry of Health in Kingdom will also provide full medical care and assistance to those injured and affected people. The basic and most important job of health ministry is to provide best possible medical care facilities to every citizen in Saudi Arabia.

However, Health-care services in Kingdom are provided by various public and private agencies and all these agencies are doing their work in an efficient manner but the ministry of Health is the basic planner who actually serves as the main provider of all these health services. Dr. Tawfiq-Al-Rabiah is the current health minister of Saudi-Arabia.
Source: Saudi Gazette

Legal System in Saudi Arabia

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Friday, April 21, 2017

5 Lessons from Surah Al-Kahf for every Muslim and Non-Muslim

There are several lessons that a student of knowledge can learn from Hazrat Musa (A.S) and from Khizr (A.S)’s meeting which has been detailed in the Surah Al Kahf. Here are 5 lessons from Surah Al Kahf;
  1. Zeal for knowledge and traveling for knowledge: Hazrat Musa (A.S) had been prepared to make travels to the farthest distances to obtain knowledge. Several scholars have mentioned that Musa (A.S) had traveled across sea and land to meet with Khizr (A.S). He had also shown great zeal and enthusiasm in his search for knowledge. All students of knowledge should be completely prepared to travel to obtain knowledge and must also be ready to endure the hardships which were associated with travel back then. Today, however, there are several resources for information and much easier traveling.
  2. Enduring the hardships: The journey had been difficult for Hazrat Musa (A.S) and along with the servant they endured several hardships in the pursuit of knowledge. A student of knowledge will surely face challenges and hardships while their pursuit, however, these challenges and hardships should not stop them from their pursuit of knowledge or dissuade them in their pursuit of knowledge.
  3. Show of Humbleness: Although Hazrat Musa (A.S) was considered higher in rank than Hazrat Khizr (A.S), Musa (A.S) still proceeded to show Khizr (A.S) extreme courteousness and humbleness. This was because Hazrat Musa (A.S) had come to Hazrat Khizr (A.S) in his pursuit of that knowledge that he himself did not know before. Any student of knowledge should not belittle any other personal regardless with how much or how little knowledge they perform.
  4. Complying with the reasonable requests of the teachers: Hazrat Musa (A.S) had complied with all of the strict conditions which had been set up by Hazrat Khizr (A.S), even though he had been a chosen Prophet of the Almighty Allah carrying out the work of Almighty Allah.  Any student of knowledge should be in compliance with the instructions and restrictions placed by their teachers. However, these instructions or restrictions must be reasonable in order to be followed by the students of knowledge.
  5. Exercising Patience: Hazrat Khizr (A.S) did several things which according to Musa (A.S) were in contradiction to the laws and teachings of the Almighty Allah, and as a chosen Prophet of Allah, he could not help but speak out on the issue of contradictions. Musa (A.S) was reminded by Khizr (A.S) that he had agreed not to speak out on the issue, and hence Musa (A.S) patiently submitted to the request. Students of knowledge should also be exercising the same patience. Even if they do not understand a certain thing, they should work through it and seek out clarification and information upon the issue.

The Holy Quran is full of oceans of inspiration and wisdom. Such stories are there to be a lesson for all humanity. The story also outlines the approach that should be taken by students who are setting out to study the sacred knowledge.
Source: IlmFeed

Islamic Values in Saudi Arabia
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

6 Tips for those suffering from poor blood circulation

Circulatory problems may affect a number of people regardless of their age. The reason behind circulatory problems may vary from person to person, however, the main reasons behind the circulatory problems can be attributed to unflattering food and a sedentary lifestyle. Our general health condition is dependent on how balanced our daily diet is and how much physical activity we include in our day to day life. If it is indeed true that spending all day in bed and eating junk food, though can be extremely tasty and entertaining, it simply cannot be ignored that this seemingly harmless and enjoyable habit can be in fact extremely harmful for out health. One of the most easily affected aspects of our health by a poor diet and physical inactivity is blood circulation, due to the fact that our blood streams are full of other substances such as fat, which over time can very well clog our bloodstreams and this can in turn also cause several terrible diseases.

Today we will bring you a wide series of minor exercises that you can do in order to improve your blood circulation, however, you should remember that good nutrition is equally important to exercise so keep both hands in hand and see your health improve.
6 Tips for those suffering from Poor Blood Circulation

  1. Stretching: Stretching daily is recommended for all healthy and ailing individuals as it helps loosen up the muscles and body in general. Stretching will also significantly improve the blood circulation.
  2. Neck Exercises: Performing slow movements with our head will allow us to stretch a very important part of our body, the neck. In order to perform exercises, we can turn our head towards the left shoulder and proceed to keep them there for a few seconds before shifting your head to the other side. You can also perform another exercise which is touching your chin to your chest for a few seconds and then tilting your head back as far as comfortably possible.
  3. Pushups: Though we understand not everybody can do pushups, however, when you get out of the shower in the morning, proceed to perform some minor exercises such as pushups or any other body weight exercises. This will activate the blood flow throughout the body allowing cut off blood circulation to once again be resumed.
  4. Hand Exercises: This simple exercise involving extending your hands and fingers to their full extent and then you can proceed to make your fist into a punch and squeezing. Anybody performing the hand exercises must do so 10 or so times. This will relieve cramps and improve blood flow in their hands.
  5. Walking or riding a cycle: We also recommend that people include gentle walks in their day to day lives, or ride a cycle at least 2 to 3 times a week. This will greatly help in improving blood flow in your legs.
  6. Dance: There is nothing better to beat stress and to improve blood flow than to dance. It is a complete full body exercise which will greatly improve blood circulation as well as the overall health.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

9 things Girls only do in Movies, not in real life

Things in movies are naturally meant to be overdramatic and exaggerated. We all know that (hopefully). However, there are some things which are not an exaggeration but far from the truth. This is something all women will relate to, as these are some things women do in movies that they do not do in real life;
  1. They never repeat any clothes: In movies, this may be true, but in real life, not so much. Girls only wish that they have enough clothes that they do not have to repeat any garment. However, regardless of a number of clothes a woman may buy, she may possibly never have enough clothes to wear a different new one every day.
  2. It is not that easy to run in heels, let alone walk: As pretty and feminine as they may seem, heels are definitely uncomfortable and basically elevate you a few inches above the ground. Good luck running in them; it is not safe or easy.
  3. All girls do not know a set of dance moves which they can burst into as soon as the beat drops: Despite the numerous dances synchronized to perfection, this is not possible without an immense amount of prior practice.
  4. They don’t necessarily change into delicate and frilly nightwear: Baggy t-shirts and baggy lowers are pretty much the standard official night suit for all those people who do not like the regular matching pajama/shirt sets and/or ladies nighties.
  5. They don’t sleep with full makeup and wake up looking flawless the next day and continue to look flawless without any touch up:  Not all girls are pros at makeup, some struggle, some learn. However not even the best makeup artists sleep with makeup as it is harmful and everybody wakes up looking tired.  Girls who look flawless all day probably do a few touch ups throughout the day.
  6. They may be chubby as a child but most of them lose the baby fat: If nothing works, well there is always the possibility of getting contacts and getting a makeover done to look fabulous.
  7. They don’t need a man to fight their battles. Even their physical ones: Though they can look all pretty in bright colors and beautiful clothes, beware the wrath of a woman. If you need proof of how hardcore a woman can be, you just have to look at a mother who bears extreme pain to give birth to her child and will sacrifice her life to save the life of her child.
  8. Also in the extreme winters, even with layers of snow all around, they do not need sweaters: Sweaters add bulk, and if women are wearing a beautiful dress they don’t want to wear a jacket or sweater on it. This is also a testament to how hardcore women are.
  9. None of them are waiting to be saved: Girls in the real world are actually not in need of saving but can save any guy out there from wrecking himself, believe that.

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