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Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This is how my 2 Years Old son was killed by Terrorists in front of my eyes

Jawad Al Dagher, a two years old Saudi national was shot dead while he was traveling with his family from Ahsa to Qatif. The years old toddler was murdered by the terrorists in the Saudi Arabia’s eastern province. According to the father, the family was traveling from Ahsa to Qatif when he took a wrong turn and lost his way. They reached a site where Jawad was killed. It was his wrong turn that let him lose his boy forever!   The father, namely Moayyad Al Dagher, reported that he, his wife and their four children left the town of Qadih and lost their way. They reached a dark site when they suddenly heard the exchange of gunshots. The father says they were leaving the area to reach the correct location when they heard gunshots. The fear struck: were the four children on the back seat fine? Did the bullet harm anyone at the back?

The fears of Moayyad Al Dagher were confirmed when he saw that Little Jawad’s head was injured by a bullet! He was bleeding badly: the back seat got covered with his blood! Jawad’s pregnant mother could not withstand the terrible sight and fainted right away. Jawad’s father claimed it as a horrible incident.  He then made attempts to save the precious life, yet all attempts failed. The young soul died in front of them and they were helpless. Jawad’s tragic death left each of the family members in a great trauma.  The news is tragic and family has suffered a great loss. Yet the question is who fired the gunshots and why? According to the police spokesperson, armed attackers were firing gunshots at company workers who were carrying out a development project in Qatif. However, the travelers and bystanders were also targeted.  The attackers also targeted the company’s machines, used explosive objects to hinder development. The development project covered demolishment of houses, construction of a shopping Centre, restaurants, residential towers and a cultural Centre.

 The police spokesperson informed that those abandoned houses were being demolished in Masoura district and the terrorists aimed at disrupting the progress.  These abandoned houses were the secret hideouts of the terrorists. The criminal activities such as murders, kidnappings, armed robbery, and trafficking in drugs, alcohol, and weapons were being carried out through these dens.

When the security was informed about the terrorists’ attack, they reached there. However, these terrorists started an indiscriminate firing. The heavy firing took away lives of a Saudi national Jawad who was only 2 years old and a Pakistani national. The police confirm that a total of ten people have been injured because of gunshots by the terrorist. These 10 people include 6 Saudi nationals, two Pakistanis, 1 Sudanese and one Indian.   Among 6 Saudi nationals, one is a female and two are her children. The Indian victim is reported to be in critical condition. The four security personnel have also been slightly injured.”

The Interior Ministry has briefed that the project would be completed soon and has requested people to stay away from the project’s site as it is unsafe for now! We pray for Jawad’s family and we hope none would go through such a tragedy. Hope that no such incident takes place in the kingdom and the world! Stay safe people!

Source: Gulf News

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sheikh Aaeed entered the Roda Rasool S.A.W, and this is what he saw inside

Everyone has a curiosity to know how the Prophet’s chamber looks from inside. What are the things placed inside it? As a common person is not allowed to have a visit of it, people are curious to know about it. So, brace yourselves as a Saudi man has briefed the public about the details of the inside of the Prophet’s Chamber. The Prophet’s chamber is a sacred chamber located in Madinah, a holy city. The chamber is also known as the Hujra. King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz visited the Prophets chamber and was escorted by Saudi sheikh, Aaeed Ben Omer Al Rouis. King Faisal was a Saudi ruler whose reign dates to 1964 to 1975. Now the Saudi sheikh has briefed the story of his and King Faisal’s visit to the chamber. Recommended: 7 Unknown facts about Rawdah Rasool S.A.W in Masjid al Nabawi

Sheikh Aaeed Ben Omar al Rouis said that when he and King Faisal entered into the chamber they found a lot of amazing things there. He said there were also mysterious boxes made up iron placed there. The boxes were locked and we were simply unaware of what was possessed inside by them. In an interview that has been uploaded to the YouTube, Sheikh Aaeed informed that King Faisal passed an order. He demanded the formulation of a committee that shall be duty bound to count the contents placed inside the chamber. There shall be a complete official record that display what are the belongings of the chamber. Also, a complete survey shall be done of the two iron boxes that were locked: their contents shall be described and enumerated. According to the sheikh, a committee that was formulated comprised of members from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Bureau.

Sheikh Aaeed Ben Omar al Rouis informed that he was the member of the formulated committee and represented it through the ministry of Finance. He told that after the evening prayers were offered, they were ordered to go inside the chamber and accomplish the given task. The contents of the chamber were then registered. A jewelry expert was taken along and historic records were used to identify the objects.

When the two iron boxes were examined. One was equipped with gold and jewelry while the second one possessed chains made up of silver. He also told that some objects were identified to have been belonged to the Prophet (PBUH): there were some private correspondences that have been linked to the Prophet (PBUH). He further told that it took 15 days to accomplish the task endowed onto them by King Faisal. 15 days were required to make a catalog of the things that were inside the chamber.

He briefed that the committee recommended keeping the jewelry in the Madinah Museum so that public could take a view of it. The jewelry shall be kept under the supervision of the ministry of finance. He also disclosed that the personal correspondences were handed down to the Saudi Arabia’s ministry of education.

Source: Al Arabiya

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Monday, May 22, 2017

First Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia to hire disabled people in security jobs

It is a general belief that hiring disabled people is not an intelligent step. The proponents of this belief state that the disabled have low productivity, they are difficult to deal with and are expensive thereby it is not economically viable to hire disabled people as employees. This is the very reason that employment opportunities are shut down towards disabled.  However, for the first time (most probably) a Saudi local mall has employed the physically challenged people as security guard trainees. This is indeed a remarkable step: these trainee guards are students from Imam Al-Baihaqi High School.  The school is in Makkah. According to the reports, the Dhiyafa Mall’s management has employed 8 students from Imam Al-Baihaqi High School. The management of the mall has hired these 8 disabled students under their policy. The policy aims at providing job opportunity to the disabled so that the can fuse into the society. This is a great policy; it shows how much the mall management values their social responsibility. It is a corporate social responsibility that shall be exercised by all the organizations!

The reports also revealed that the school principal himself approached the mall management. He asked them to train some of the school’s students. By hiring some students of the school who are disabled will not only help them integrate into the society yet it will help them to get useful training.   The mall management did not turn down the principal’s request and hired 8 of its disabled students as trainee guards. Unlike the general belief, hiring a disabled is economically viable. Research shows that a disabled can be hired at a lower employment cost! Also, they are more punctual and highly productive. They give out their best and show lower health and safety issues than the normal and abled employees. However, employers are hesitant to employ the disabled! They are unaware of the benefits of employing a disabled worker. A disabled worker can bring a lot of benefits to the workplace. Disabled people are more contended: they appreciate the small opportunities given to them and thereby give their very best. They are less complaining and more hardworking. Loyalty and longevity towards the job are their quality. The Disabled employees are passionate to prove the normal employees that they are not inferior which helps to develop a healthy competition required to enhance the employees’ efficiency.

The supervisor of these 8 students, Raad Al-Harthy, who is a special education teacher at Imam Al-Baihaqi High School, said that the school’s students have a great tendency of learning. They can be trained which will allow them to become an effective member of the society. He says that the school helps them to interact with normal people without any sort of hesitation. The school is credited to enhance the self-confidence of the disabled, improve their skills and motivate them to work hard. These steps are necessary as they help them integrate into society.

The students have expressed their happiness. They are thankful for being provided with a great piece of opportunity which has opened the avenues of learning. They say that it is indeed a great chance to overcome the difficulties of communication.  Al-Harthy also appreciated the seriousness of students towards their training. He says he is very pleased with the students as they show up on time and obey all the orders. They are working hard and complete their duty hours. They are obedient and follow the given set of instructions very well.  Al-Harthy also provides the students with the transport facility. He drives the students every day to the mall at 8:00 a.m. He also picks them up from their workplace at 11 a.m. and drops at the school. The students are reported to work 3 days a week.

Al-Harthy has urged the people to help the disabled students. They need all the support of the people. The people are duty bound to take care of these disabled students as care and affection will help them be confident. We need to improve the condition of these disabled people of our society, only if we help them they can move way too ahead. But if we do not look after them, they surely will suffer a lot and could never improve their performance. The manager of Dhiyafa Mall Mr. Marwan Bahrawi informed the public that Mr. Osama Zaini who is the mall owner had provided them with specific instructions. The management was instructed to take part in a program that shall be in line with the social responsibility. The mall shall be able to fulfill its social responsibilities.  He also said that the stores in the mall were reluctant to hire the disabled as the principal said that they could work from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. they said it wasn’t feasible for them to hire employees for 3 hours a day only. So, the company which provided with security to the mall was contacted. They then agreed to utilize the disabled student’s services and help them to get trained.

The disabilities of these students vary. Some are suffering from Down’s syndrome; some have low IQ levels while some have been physical disabled. The trainees are young; their age varies between 21 and 23. The young disabled students have already proven themselves in a short time. They have told everyone that they are an important and unutilized asset. They are working professionally as they are passionate and are very punctual. The visitors and the shop owners both are delighted by their work. Mansour Al-Harbi is the person in charge of the disabled students. He too appreciated the work of these young trainees. He said that they did well in their jobs. They are also very good when it comes to greeting the visitors. They welcome the shopping mall visitors with a smile and readily aid those who require! It is also reported that the salaries of the students will be paid by the mall owner.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pakistan would not allow Iran to play with Saudi Security

Iran’s Chief of staff of the armed forces, Mohammad Hussein Bagheri gave out a statement. The statement went viral as it imposed a threat to Saudi Arabia's security. Pakistan being an Islamic state responded to the statement by Mohammad Hussein Bagheri. In an interview with Reuters, the head of Pakistan’s Council of Scholars Taher Mahmoud Ashrafi condemned the threat. He briefed about the threat imposed by Iran to the security of Saudi Arabia and told that Pakistan is regrettable upon it.  Ashrafi said that Islamic world is strong enough to prevent Iran from imposing any kind of danger to Saudi Arabia's and Pakistan’s security.

He further said that Pakistan is a strong nation that can not only defend itself yet it can defend the borders of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a sacred place for all Muslims as it is the country of the Two Holy Mosques. He assured that Islamic world won’t allow Iran to threaten Saudi Arabia’s security. He acknowledged the fact that Pakistan is a peace-loving nation: Pakistan has always strike for regional peace. Pakistan is a nation who through wisdom had undergone patience to attain peace. However, Pakistan won’t be showing tolerance towards Iran’s statements. An official statement coming from Iranian leadership which has a core message of threatening Pakistan’s and Saudi Arabia’s security is not tolerable for Pakistan. He added that Pakistan is a strong country, unlike Syria and Iraq. It won’t get weaken by the alliance between Iran, India, and Afghanistan.

He also put forward an advice for the Government of Pakistan. He stressed that the Pakistani government should approach the United Nations. He also called to refer to the international community and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The statements and expression of aggression by Afghanistan, Iran, and India towards Islamic world shall be taken to international forums. An emergency summit of Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) shall be called upon by Pakistan.

Ashrafi said that Iran should have known that Saudi Arabia is one of the holiest places for Muslims around the world. And thereby if any country would impose a threat to Saudi Arabia, it would eventually face a firm response by the Islamic world. The Pakistani Islamic scholar mentioned and appreciated the interview of Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The interview tends to disclose any facts.

He warned Iran not to threaten the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He also stated that Iran shall not interfere in matters of other countries. What Iran has said is completely regrettable. It looks like that Iranian leadership has not learned from the past: it has forgotten the situation in the Middle East. He assured that Pakistan will stand up for Saudi Arabia as it is the most important place on earth for all the Muslims. The Muslim community and the Muslim world shall be united to protect the two holy mosques.

Source: Al Arabiya

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

A suspicious plastic bag found at a Girls’ elementary school, Riyadh

We have often heard that a suspicious bag was the reason of many heartbreaking incidents. Often these types of bags contain explosive materials that can cause massive destruction. Also, cases have been reported where the bags contain illegal things which had caused trouble to people near it. Thereby people fear such suspicious bags and often get alerted or create panic.  A similar incident occurred in a Saudi Arabian school recently. A suspicious plastic bag was found in a Girls’ elementary school. It was reported that the plastic bag was in the courtyard of a school in Saudi Arabia. The school is in Riyadh which is the capital of the Kingdom.  The school namely the Yuba City School is in eastern suburbs of the city, Riyadh.

However, when the plastic bag was left at the courtyard it created a panic among the staff. Thereby the police were informed and the school was evacuated. The police now have confirmed that the plastic bag was harmless and contained no hazardous element. The watchman of the school briefed that a lady came in with her two daughters by saying that she wanted to get her daughters register at the school. The watchman disclosed that the ages of the two girls (daughters of the lady) were 5 and 6 years respectively. She was thereby allowed to enter the school premises. However, she was in a rush and left behind a plastic bag outside a class. She ran away in a hurry with her two daughters.  

Thereby the staff of the school got alerted and informed the police. The police patrols came in timely and evacuated the school to investigate the bag that seemed very suspicious. However, upon investigating it was found that the bag only contained an adhesive tape. The bag was simply harmless: the lady must be in a hurry and left it behind unintentionally.

The police have now announced that the school is clear and the situation is normal. They say that everything was under control. The principal has also declared the situation to be normal. The principal said that the police was contacted as the students and staff had created panic as they were disturbed by the presence of the suspicious bag. However, as the situation is normal, she wanted everyone to know about the reality and did not want to state any false news. The facts have been presented honestly and there is neither exaggeration nor false allegation. What happened and what was revealed has been stated as it is.

Thanks to Allah that our children are safe and sound and no major incident happened. It is our great responsibility to report the unusual and suspicious things immediately. We were lucky that the bag contained tape only; it could have contained hazardous objects. Always report to concerned authorities as soon as possible! May Allah keep us and our children safe! Amen!

Source: Gulf News

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Friday, May 19, 2017

King Abdul Aziz predicted the real worth of Saudi Aramco 100 Years ago

King Abdul Aziz was the founder of Saudi Arabia. 100 years from now, he told the citizens of Saudi Arabia that Aramco is a viable destination to invest. The Saudi Aramco is now the world’s most valuable company (Wikipedia). It is a petroleum and natural gas Company that has the access to the world’s largest and proven oil reserves! Almost 96 years from now, King Abdul Aziz tried to convince the Saudis to have trust in Aramco which would turn out to be oil-giant organization.  Now the current Deputy Crown Prince, second deputy premier, and the defense minister: Muhammad Bin Salman has held up the same views as King Abdul Aziz.

According to the speech of the King Abdul Aziz, the people shall take an initiative to invest in Aramco as international Petroleum Companies were at stake of exploring oil beneath the blessed Saudi land. The speech was made by King Abdul Aziz as he addressed the Buraidah’s emir, Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Musa’ed. He wanted to inform the people about the viable investment opportunity and convince them to take a rationale step! The copy of the speech has been made available and one can read that the king informed the people that the company has been destined to explore oil from Saudi land. The company shall allocate 60,000 shares merely for Saudis.  These lump sum amounts of shares were allocated to fulfill the interests of the Saudi citizens. The king also declared that this is an opportunity that would not knock the doors soon again.

He further briefed the audience that the foreigners shall grab a specific and limited number of shares (a percentage of shares would be allocated for the foreigners) however they have all the desire to gain more of the shares and they are making a complete effort for it. They are even willing to attain more shares at a higher share price!  By this, he simply told the people about the benefits of investing in Aramco. A share worth pound today shall worth 4 to 5 times in future. Thereby early investment shall have higher gains. So, people should rush in putting up the bets.

Now Prince Muhammad has taken up the same views.  He addressed in a recent interview that Aramco is a viable organization that has a tendency of putting forward large cash flows essentially needed by the Public Investment Funds. These cash flows will help reach national and international sectors. The mining sector is one of Saudi Arabia’s important sectors that shall be fueled up with funds by Aramco. The prince further clarified that the 1970’S survey when re-examined revealed that mining has great opportunities untapped. The mining sector can generate benefits amounting to $1 trillion and $300 billion. These figures depict the value of those minerals that lie beneath the precious Saudi land.

These minerals are of great worth, if we consider gold alone, the Saudi gold deposits have a worth of $ 240 billion! However, mining is a new and infant sector and many local and foreign investors hesitate while investing in such sectors. The mining sector shall also require a huge amount of investment which shall be made possible through the Public Investment Fund. And Aramco will send in the cash flows to the Public Investment Fund. These cash flows shall be used to invest in the mining sector.  Isn’t it amazing? It seems like history is repeating itself after 100 years!

Source: Saudi Gazette

Royal Coverage

Thursday, May 18, 2017

He had a brain stroke during driving, Saudi girl drives Bus for 50km to save his life

Girls are no less than men. They are equally talented and intelligent. Girls can learn the skills as men can and they too can show up how courageous they are. A young Saudi girl has shown this to all! Ashwaq Al Shammari is a young and a courageous lady who is currently studying at the university in Hail. She and her four female university colleagues were to be dropped at their respective homes in a minibus. The driver of the minibus wasn’t feeling alright. He then suddenly fainted while they were on their way. They were approximately 19 km away from their destination when the driver suddenly got in grips of a brain stroke and fainted right away.

According to the reports, the driver started to feel dizzy and informed the passengers about it. He then realized that he could not continue the journey and stopped the minibus. He fainted and went into a coma. Luckily Ashwaq Al-Shammari knew how to drive a vehicle. A long time ago she learned how to drive. Her father had taught her the skills of driving at his farm which is in Al-Ish town. The town of Al-Ish is only 40 km south of the Hail. While learning how to drive a vehicle neither Ashwaq nor her father knew how fortunate it would be. They would never have imagined that Ashwaq’s driving could save a life.

As soon as Ashwaq saw that the driver had fainted, she took up the responsibility of driving. She knew that it wasn’t liable to wait for external help; rather it was a rationale to help them by themselves. She started to drive the minibus while the colleagues tried all their best to return the driver to a state of consciousness.  Ashwaq drove smoothly and stopped at a shop. She fetched a bottle of water in a hope that the driver would return to consciousness. Water was poured onto the driver: Yet the effort failed as the driver had been struck by a brain stroke. He was in a poor condition and it became necessary to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Ashwaq, a student at the college of education located in Al-Ghazalah district, sought to take the driver at his home. So, she drove the mini-bus to the driver’s home. As they reached the driver’s home, his sons and wife came up to help. They took him to a hospital lying 50 km away. The hospital is reported to be a government hospital.  As soon as the patient arrived at the hospital, the doctors diagnosed him carefully and revealed that he had undergone a brain stroke. The doctors gave timely treatment which made sure that the driver’s conditioned improved. The driver’s life had been saved because of Ashwaq’s courage and driving skills as well as the doctor’s timely treatment. We are proud of our doctors and our sister Ashwaq!

Ashwaq’s father, Zahir Al-Shammari is an educationalist. When he got informed about his daughter’s remarkable effort he appreciated it. The proud father declared that it was the courage of his daughter and her four colleagues that the man is safe and sound now. Otherwise, he might have died! He disclosed that he had made his daughter learned the driving skills at his farm. He told that she has fulfilled a social responsibly! Ashwaq and her four female colleagues had served the humanity rightly! Well done girls!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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